Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why Should You be Exfoliating Your Skin Again?

First of all, I wanted to know why exactly I needed to use an exfoliant in the first place. I mean after all it's my money being spent on buying the ingredients or for some people, buying them store bought. Ultimately, that means money coming out of our pockets period. Well, I obviously had to read up on it and I was convinced that I do need to start exfoliating my whole body and since then my skin has never felt better.It feels smooth, moisturized, nourished and I can tell the difference, I now have a more noticeable even skin tone. Check out our Facebook page

Exfoliating also known as scrubbing, helps to remove dead skin cells. Did you know that your skin sheds about a layer a day? And if not removed the skin will begin to build up and start to look dull. Scrubs work by unplugging oils that fill your pores, removing dead skin cells, help with improving circulation, distributing oils and stimulating cell renewal... Almost convinced huh?

Exfoliating can slough of  extra skin and help beautify flaky, oily, rough-textured, blackhead and acne-prone skin. It is especially vital for woman over the age 35 to promote a youthful complexion.

Body scrubs work to eliminate outer layers of shed skin and leave it feeling refreshed and moisturized.
However, overusing exfoliants, including cleansing grains and scrubs can aggravate and age sensitive skin making it more susceptible to sun damage, destroying hydro lipid barrier changing the Ph of the acid mantle
and exposing the skin to chemicals (when chemical based products are used).

How often must you exfoliate?
You should aim to exfoliate at least two-to-three times a week, probably more if you think your skin can handle it. Not sure? If you exfoliate daily and find that your skin is becoming dry, scale back a bit and see if that helps. If you exfoliate twice a week and find your skin is quickly becoming oily, you can always increase the number of exfoliating sessions.

 Exfoliating Rules
  • Scrubs are not recommended in cases of sever acne, spider veins, or very sensitive skin, they can cause irritation to the already inflamed skin.
  • Scrubbing the skin too harshly can cause tears in the skin and using really abrasive scrubs; such as, almonds can literally cut the skin. If you do or are planning on scrubbing excessively don't, because it can result in broken capillaries.
  • Avoid using waxy commercial products that will clog your pores.
  • Those with delicate skin may add water to their facial scrubs and gradually begin to reduce the amount of water they use once their skin becomes used to being scrubbed.
How do you use a scrub?
A body scrub should be done in a tub. First, take a brief shower to remove any excess dirt. Second, take your scrub and put onto your loofah, washcloth or tawashi. Continue until your whole body has been scrubbed. Gently rinse with warm water and do not use soap.

How to use a salt scrub
When using a salt scrub shower first, then massage olive oil into your skin. Next, add lemon juice and massage. When your skin begins to feel warm and has a glowing sensation wash/remove the salt with warm water.

See what Nu'Khara is up to with her scrub making!

Can't wait to hear from you & I hope that helped :)

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